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Whenever we are on a road trip, it is necessary to carry a toolbox. Similarly, in the journey of life, the mantra of staying fit even while working is carrying the toolbox of ergonomics with you. The importance of this field is well explained in the previous articles. Click the link to reach the page There are certain tools that are essential in the day-to-day life of an individual. To put a mark on, below are the tools of ergonomics.

What are essesntials in ergonomics?
What are essesntials in ergonomics?
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Sit-Stand Desk

It is not always advised to sit all the time on your chair and work for yourself. Sitting all…

Any posture that defines your personality and gives you comfort is a good posture. Posture plays a definite role in acquiring a healthy lifestyle. Now the next question arises, is there any specific posture that every individual should follow? The answer is NO. Since every individual has their own physical issues and a way of living life. Thus, for each, there can be a different set of postures. Why are postures so important? Whenever we acquire a sitting style, muscles get involved. In a wrong posture, the muscles get hyperactive. This further, in some time, leads to musculoskeletal diseases. …

There are n numbers of fields to pursue but there are only a few of them which prove to be an aid in day to day life. Such a field is Ergonomics. Sometimes you have a truck of load to handle by sitting at one place and then you experience pain. To overcome this either you change the sitting posture or the sitting chair. Here you unknowingly apply the concept of ergonomics. For example, when you get neck pain by working on your computer screens you adjust your body structure to make a difference and get a comfortable sitting place…

Technology is a coin with two definite sides. The one which proves as a blessing and the other which is eating up your healthy lives. It is essential for each one of us to understand that these technologies are making us weak rather than strengthening us. Now is the time to acknowledge Technology and human body relations with a wide vision of ergonomics. Below is the detailed information which will help you to recollect the knowledge you already know. So let’s get started.

Before knowing what you should follow to lead a healthy life together with using technology, you should…

Not the wealth but the health is what matters. Your health should be your priority. It is extremely important to keep a working environment at your home especially in this situation of COVID 19. But this environment should flourish your health and not deteriorate it. There are several diseases that attack an individual following an intense work routine at home. To rectify these diseases, a planned work environment is important. The factors that are essential in selecting a better workplace are of great importance and are discussed in the previous blog. Check it out on

Are you looking for…

Hwo to reducec back pian while wokring infornt of comauetrs.
Hwo to reducec back pian while wokring infornt of comauetrs.

Are you also in a dilemma to judge what kind of workstation you probably want? You don’t need to worry at all as now you have successfully landed on the page of solutions. It takes a lot to make a workplace that does not harm your health in any aspect and here we help you out to arrange the desirable setup you must have desired. There is nothing to wonder when it comes to how and what is to be counted in. The field of Ergonomics does it all for you. …

Learn more stercthing exercises to prevent wokrplace injureis.
Learn more stercthing exercises to prevent wokrplace injureis.
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According to my experience, stretching is one of the important tools to enhance workplace productivity and reduce workplace injuries. For prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyles, stretching helps in overcoming body stress and fatigue. Whether it is a corporate sitting job or factory set up, this applies everywhere.

The irony is people stretch when they develop some major issues thinking of getting back to normal soon, rather one should make it a habit and do regularly to enjoy a lot of many benefits.

I strongly recommend to all the corporates to implement a stretching program into their system & give one…

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I have been constantly getting emails and messages regarding body aches and pains and other musculoskeletal disorders because of work from home.

Many people are struggling and facing major challenges to making their home environment work as offices, because of which they getting injured, so thought of sharing my 10 tips about working from home during this COVID time.

  1. Create a proper workstation — It is crucial to set up a clean & comfortable workspace to work pain-free, which will also enhance your productivity & overall efficiency. Good Ergonomic workstation includes Table & Chair + other ergonomic tools like footrest…

Deepankar Dass

Physio turned Dr.Ergo — Husband of a loving wife, a father, an Ergonomic Consultant & an Author.

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