Working Remotely Without Burning Out

Deepankar Dass
4 min readAug 30, 2021


Working from home is the new normal since the covid19 changed everything upside down. Every day, more and more people are working remotely. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, so it’s important to know how to do this as well as possible in order to prevent burnout. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some tips on how to work remotely without burning out. We’ll also share a few things that you should avoid doing when working from home or anywhere else outside of your office space. Every one of us has studied/worked hours and hours in front of computers and so you know how easy it can be to get burned out by sitting in front of a computer all day.

The best way to avoid burning out? Try these tips!

1. Take care of your physical health and mental health

If you are struggling to manage the competing demands of your work and personal life, it’s time to take some steps toward a healthier lifestyle. make sure you’re taking care of your physical and mental health as well. These are important principles that will help keep you healthy in the long run, so it’s worth figuring out how to prioritize these tasks into your daily routine. Eat healthy and home-cooked food on time. Have a home workout routine so that you will have high energy levels throughout the day. Stay hydrated to avoid fatigue. Spend time outside during the day — it’s good for mental health!

2. Set boundaries between work time and personal time

Establish boundaries between work time and personal time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or guilty for not working enough. Make a realistic to-do list and stick to it so that you’ll get time for some hobbies and recreational activities.

3. Have a clean workspace to make it easier to focus

Maintaining cleanliness in the workplace not only creates a healthier environment for working but also tends to help become more efficient and productive. Cluttered desks, leftover food and waste paper, and dust are just some of the most common items that contribute to a messy workspace. It is suggested that a clean workplace increases the professionalism and motivation of the employees while working from home.

4. Simplify what you do in order to reduce the number of things that can distract you from working

Everyone gets distracted for various reasons but the most common distractions are online apps and the constant notifications throughout the day tend to attract our attention and we spend the next 30 minutes scrolling social media and our tasks get pilled up. Hence block all the notifications and distractions to accomplish your goals. You can use this strategy by finding a set schedule for yourself or turning off notifications on your phone when you need some relief from digital distractions during working hours.

5. Make sure you’re taking breaks during the day so that your mind doesn’t get tired or overwhelmed

You’ll also want to take breaks throughout the day — even if they only last 10 minutes each — in order to ensure that fatigue doesn’t sneak up on you at any point. Be mindful about how much work is too much, and don’t overwork yourself. Take breaks to get up and move around, drink water, or take deep breaths this will help you to avoid lifestyle disorders caused by a sedentary routine and also it’ll decrease the strain on the eyes. Desk stretches or simple exercises can be performed to avoid pain and discomforts. Get enough sleep every night to be at your best while working remotely. Rest and come back stronger!

6. Set a schedule for yourself

Planning will help you focus on the most important tasks for the day, and stop wasting time on unproductive activities. Besides improving productivity, you’ll soon feel more confident and accomplished. Planning is of utmost importance when it comes to productivity.

7. Establish boundaries with co-workers and family members so that they know when you’re working remotely

Communicating clearly with your family and co-workers about your availability is of vital importance. Create a Dedicated Workspace to get your work done.



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