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What Workstation Do You Prefer: Sitting Or Standing?

Deepankar Dass
4 min readMar 22, 2021


Are you also in a dilemma to judge what kind of workstation you probably want? You don’t need to worry at all as now you have successfully landed on the page of solutions. It takes a lot to make a workplace that does not harm your health in any aspect and here we help you out to arrange the desirable setup you must have desired. There is nothing to wonder when it comes to how and what is to be counted in. The field of Ergonomics does it all for you. Let us quickly jump on to the type of workstations you must take into account before designing the wrong one.

Types Of Workstations Available:

There are 3 types of workstations available namely: Fully Adjustable, Sitting, Standing. Below is detailed information about each one of them.

1. Fully Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk: These types of desks can be converted in both kinds of setups, whether it is sitting or standing. The individual taking up this workstation gets relief from back pain definitely as it is adjustable and allows the worker to take a break from sitting and working. Not only this, it increases work productivity and reduces unhealthy weight gain. It is a little expensive but is worth spending on.

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2. Sitting Desk: Sitting Desk is a wonderful idea if you are an intense computer worker only if you are using ergonomic chairs which gives rest to your back. You should try keeping your feet on the floor. The headrest should be a point to consider and it is completely within the budget.

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3. Standing Desk: Standing desk is said to be the most reliable work style as it comes with numerous health benefits. Generally, it is accommodated in smaller places but has great results. It is costly but is a one-time investment. It maintains the blood sugar level. Does not give you any kind of pain and keeps you active all day long.

After knowing the types, now it is time to know how to judge your requirements. Stick around to learn how to get the right set up for work.

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Criteria to choose the desirable:

There are n numbers of problems that a worker has to face but only the counted numbers of points are to be looked after while deciding your workplace.

● Type of Work:

The type of work you do is the root cause of your discomfort. It is very considerate to know if your work requires constant sitting in front of computers or not. Your work can be intense as a medical practitioner, thus, knowing the task solves half of the purpose.

● Type of Discomfort:

There can be multiple discomforts to a single patient. The chief complaint of an individual should be provided with priority. This is where ergonomics take a stand and helps you manage pain like neck pain, back pain, frozen shoulder or vision syndromes.

● Duration:

The duration of your work clarifies the chronicity of the disorder an individual is facing. On the other hand, if you have to be seated on the chair for the whole day the sitting kind of set up sounds good for you whereas if you have sitting work with a mash-up of remote working, you can go for the adjustable kind of set up.

● Accommodation Place:

There are many places which are short of areas where you can not create a spacious working place. In such kinds of places, standing setups are preferred. But if the work requires a lot of your time, then an adjustable sit-stand workstation will work.

● Chair And Desk:

The desirable height of the chair and the desk is to be taken care of. Because bending down or stressing your back does not do any good to you. The distance between the computer screen and your eyes should be of the proper amount to avoid straining of eyes.


I hope this write up was somewhere useful to you. It is always important to select things that provide you with relief and a better way of living. When you next time gets on to create a workstation for someone keep the considerable points in mind and budget in a limit.



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