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Deepankar Dass
4 min readMay 17, 2021

Is working from home giving you stress? Is your body still in pain even after working from your comfortable bed? Yes? Then you have selected the right source of information. It is really important for people to slowly and steadily learn about the roots of their stress. Until and unless we are aware of the roots causing the problem, we are not successful in eradicating it completely. If you start solving a problem without knowing its cause, it may create complications rather than creating satisfaction. Work from Home has a bundle of stress even after it is the best way of working. So if you are also the one who is looking for its remedy, here are the Stress Busters for Work From Home, coming straight from the field of ergonomics.

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Where is this stress coming from?

We always feel that working from home is the best way to eradicate stress. But honestly, it is not. It is our work cycle and the way of our working which are the main root cause. A person who is sailing the boat of Work From Home can only tell what is this stress like. An individual leading his work in this way can suffer from both physical, as well as, emotional imbalance. Following are the diseases a person can go through:

● A person can go through huge mental stress due to staying alone and working whereas all of his other colleagues are in an office environment. An office environment definitely tires you but has fun and enjoyment around. So people working from home have this issue at first.

● Secondly, an individual’s most comfortable place is home but still, he or she is not getting relief from the pain. This is because of the uncomfortable postures you take up while working.

● While you are working in the office, multitasking is not the factor there. At home, you just not have to do the office work but many other tasks too. This decreases the mini-breaks you were allowed to take in the office. This is also a factor that increases stress and puts you under pressure.

● The ultimate pressure of increasing your productivity at work also leads you towards an unhealthy lifestyle as people expect you to work more when you are at your home.

Risk Associated With Work From Home

Since we know about the root cause of the stress coming from work from home, it gets easier to understand the risk factors. The associated risks are given below:

● As the people working from home have a decreased interaction with their colleagues, they are prone to depression, irritability and get fatigued easily.

● Physical problems like neck pain are easily seen in these workers as they most of the time work on their laptops. This makes them bend their neck downward and work.

● Back problem is another difficult position that these workers face. You must be thinking that sitting on your comfortable sofa and bed will not give backache to you. But no, they definitely give you back pain as your backbends and stays in curvature for a longer period which leads to back pain.

● Eyestrain, shoulder pain, regular headaches are other problems that a person faces during working from home

Calmative Methods You may use

Some methods can easily reduce these stresses. Consider the below-given points to get some relief.

Stay Connected:

It is important for you to always communicate with your colleagues as you will not feel out of the site once you get into the communication. Talking to them will let you know what is going in the office and the feeling of being left out will leave you soon.

Ergonomic Consultation:

Taking ergonomic consultation is very important because it tells you the correct posture which eliminates the pain well. Chair and table positions, straight back with neck rest and elbow rest, all these factors terminate pain if considered well.

Timed Breaks:

Taking 15 minutes of breaks after every 1 to 2 hours will reduce your stress. You can listen to calm music in these 15 minutes or take a walk with nature and breathe fresh to refresh yourself.


Stretching is helpful while you are working for a long period. Walking and meditation will surely lead you towards a healthy life.

Planned Working:

Multitasking is a compulsion while working from home. It then gets essential for you to plan your day with proper sleep and resting slots in between.


So these were some of the stress busters for work from home. Taking these calming methods into account will firmly do relieve stress and pain.



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