Ergonomics: What Is It About?

Deepankar Dass
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There are n numbers of fields to pursue but there are only a few of them which prove to be an aid in day to day life. Such a field is Ergonomics. Sometimes you have a truck of load to handle by sitting at one place and then you experience pain. To overcome this either you change the sitting posture or the sitting chair. Here you unknowingly apply the concept of ergonomics. For example, when you get neck pain by working on your computer screens you adjust your body structure to make a difference and get a comfortable sitting place. There comes a set use of ergonomics. It may sound interesting to you that there is a lot to know about this field but an extract is given below to give a taste of it. Join us now.

How ergonomics can improve your workplace productivity.
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Google says that ergonomics has its definition. “An applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that people and things interact most efficiently and safely- also called biotechnology, human engineering, human factors”

There are many people in society today who are yet not familiar with this field of study. But just for your information let me tell you that ergonomics has a history. Its studies got initiated in the year 1945. In 1971, the study was just being stimulated in one institute of Calcutta namely the established University of Calcutta. But in today’s era, ergonomics is being studied everywhere like any other subject. People have started choosing it as a career option proudly. And if we talk about it in terms of income, it pays you well (after all money matters). It is unhappy to know that some people are still not utilizing it even after knowing about it. Let us proceed forward to learn why is it necessary for us?

Why do we need ergonomics?

What does a worker need to earn good and make his career successful? Now you must be thinking these: hard work, passion for work, intelligence, concentration, confidence, and work presentation. Yes, of course, these things matter but have you ever thought that your posture while working could be a factor to consider. No, right. Allow us to show you how it carries all the above factors on its back.

It may amaze you that ergonomics is the basic role player here. Your posture is the major factor in all the pain you survive during work. The way you sit, the way you sleep, and the intensity of your work, all matters.

Poor sitting posture

Poor Muscle strength or muscle weakness

Fatigue and restlessness

Systematic diseases like diabetes and heart diseases

A person may get obese

The musculoskeletal disease may follow

Decreased working time

Decreased productivity leading to decreased confidence

Thus, a painless posture leads you to a perfect lifestyle. Once you get into this field just for the perspective, a lot gets solved by that only. There is a lot that can be rectified with the help of ergonomics, there are numerous benefits that it provides us with which are given below.


There are multiple uses of this field in day to day life of people. Not only considering the office people but also the surgeons do get help from the ergonomics. As per the procedure explained above, it reduces the chances of getting ill. It resolves the pain. Increases productivity at the office. Talking about the surgeons, the exercises recommended in the ergonomics and the other aids make their retirements late. It reduces the cost of creating big spaces as ergonomics gives you an opportunity to create an efficient place at low prices. This stakes that it is economical and also increases your efficiency of work. The Rules that ergonomics have if gets followed, can decrease the human effort and increases the benefits of earning and leading a wonderful life.


Now when it’s time to conclude, you need to understand that ergonomics is something that has only the good cop side and the bad cop doesn’t exist too much. And if such a thing is available to you, you must take an advantage of that. We hope now it is not much of a question “Ergonomics: What is it about?”



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