Alternate Solutions if the CHAIRS in your office are causing you Back Pain

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If you are still experiencing back pain after trying different types of office chairs, it may be time for an alternate method.

Ergonomic chair

Following are the alternate solutions if the chairs in your office are causing you back pain :

The first option is ergonomic desk chairs that support your lower spine while sitting at the computer all day or typing on both hands simultaneously. These adjustable seats have been shown to significantly reduce certain kinds of muscle strain such as voluntarily applied forward flexion-extension motion (the most common type) which occurs when people try standing up after prolonged periods without moving around too much in between breaks because this position puts more pressure against tight hip joints where muscles attach onto bones — compressing them. An ergonomic chair allows us not only to keep good posture but recruit different parts.

Sitting all day makes your back sore and possibly leads to chronic pain. If you’re looking for a way to alleviate this, using standing desks may be just what the physio ordered! Here’s how they can help: Stand when working on projects that require concentration or movement of arms such as typing at an office desk and avoid sitting down altogether if possible.

Benefits of standing which improves concentration & productivity.

Tall café tables have become popular again with their lower heights allowing workers some degree of flexibility while still being able to get work done comfortably without strain from prolonged periods spent kneeling or squatting posture correcting exercises like yoga breathing techniques which focus more attention onto abdominal muscles.

A recliner office chair with a laptop stand is a great option. If you feel comfortable working in a reclined position rather than sitting upright, try this type of workplace chair. A great solution for those who find themselves slouching or tilting their head downward while at work and putting excess strain on shoulders from typing takes up too much space behind them- Recliners have an ergonomically positioned seat that allows more natural body mechanics! You’ll be able to maintain good posture without feeling like your neck is going out’ wrinkles; plus there are different levels available so no matter what level works best for YOU — it’s got you covered.

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Recliner with laptop stand

Sitting on an exercise ball is a challenging yet fun way to stay active. You constantly have your core and lower back muscles engaged as you balance yourself, which will help maintain good posture because there’s no support for them in that position like when sitting upright with traditional furniture allows us. Plus if we move around at all while maintaining this form of seated then our movement can bounce off the sides or bottom cushioning allowing it to come right back up again! Be sure to check the size of your exercise ball, as they are available in various sizes. Ideally, when you sit on an exercise ball (or chair), it should have a base at the bottom so that it doesn’t roll away and also be slightly higher than where my hips were level with knees for Best results!

Gym or Exercise ball for office sitting

An ergonomic stool, sometimes marketed as a balance stool or active sitter is designed to encourage you to half-stand with your feet on the floor. The lack of a backrest allows for better posture and lessens pressure placed upon the lower spine when compared to traditional chairs. While some find this option more professional in comparison — it still provides many benefits same as exercise balls such as increased core engagement which can lead towards improved physical fitness!


Sit-stand stool for pain-free living

Kneeling chairs are great to help you relieve the pressure on your lower back. They have a padded seat and an angle that shifts some weight forward, so it’s easier for those who sit in them all day! The lack of support from behind will keep people engaged with what they’re doing — whether it’s working at their desk or just watching TV.. The best part about this design is how good posture can change as well because when we slump backward. Sitting in the kneeling position for long periods of time may be difficult at first, so switch to another chair or seating option every 30 minutes.

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Kneeling chair

Seating is an important part of professional life. The right chair can make all the difference in how we feel, and it’s not just for long-term use either! Office Furniture Store offers many different types of office furniture that allow you to find one perfect match based on what type or condition your back might be currently suffering from. Always remember every 50 minutes spent sitting down builds up tension throughout our bodies so take time between sessions to walk around for improving blood flow and to avoid disorders caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

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